Welcome !

Our organization has set a goal to develop links between the  post  Soviet Union countries and Austria, mainly in the fields of education, sports and culture.

Austria is a unique platform for your creative beginnings and a great place to share experiences.

If you are a teacher, student, pupil, worker in the field of  art we are always happy to help you with the following questions:

- Participating in or organizing festivals, competitions,

- Study and immigration to Austria

- Pass training courses and master classes.

We are happy to help you and we are ready to cooperate with you.

Educational and Cultural Foundation “FEST ART” is registered under the number 445088901

Educational and Cultural Foundation  „FEST ART“

ZVR – Zahl 445088901

Kleine Pfarrgasse 15, 1020 Wien

Tel: +43(0)676 75 66 505

Skype: o.prassl

E-mail: office@festart.at

Director – Prassl Oxana


Secretary – Kabash Olga

Cashier – Svitlana Pap